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A Mormon's Unexpected Journey, Volume 2 Finding the Grace I Never Knew

Continue Reading Carma Naylor’s first book, A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey, Volume I was published in 2006. A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey, Volume II, the “rest of the story,” is the account of her compelling journey of deliverance, full of faith, hope, and God’s grace. As a new Christian, Carma’s trust in a God of grace was put to the test when her oldest son, Lance, prepared to go on his two-year Mormon mission. Everything within her cried out that he should not go, but she had to set aside her worries and trust God. Little was she prepared for the crisis that was about to hit Lance and her family. However, Carma’s trust in God strengthened as Lance began an unexpected journey of his own because of this crisis. This unique book is much more than a captivating story. It contains critical insight and information from Carma’s thorough research about the surprising origins of LDS scriptures, as well as the emotional and spiritual experiences that make it difficult for a Mormon to doubt their religion. Carma also sensitively reveals the secret ceremonies and practices of her former religion with love and compassion because she desires that LDS people find their freedom in Christ.
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